Thursday, March 8, 2012

God I am a flailing dipshit, and I am making this shit up as I go along

I would love to say that my most recent visit to The Arborist proceeded with Augustinian, aloof compassion tempered with logic and restraint. 

It did not.

It was a comedy of miscued, misunderstood motives and unexpressed angst.

I did not press my case.  Instead, I let it be known that I wished to talk to the man, and let it lie.

And.....there it laid.

And laid.

Until the last goddamn dog was hung.

Until the stroke of 10pm, when I finally huffed 'I wanted to talk to you, but you obviously don't want to hear it. So, I'm making an early night of it. I love you. Damn, you piss me off.'

And swanned out.

Now, I felt GREAT about this.  I haven't felt this good about anything in nearly a year, in fact. I have been so obsessed with this weirdness between the Arborist and myself that it's consumed my every waking moment...and suddenly, I WAS FREE!

I also felt great about the follow-up email I sent to The Meadow Blossom, wherein she tried to smooth things over (on behalf of the poor, suffering, misunderstood, pussy-whipped Arborist who apparently couldnt speak for himself) and I snarled  back and used the words 'disengenuous bullshit' and 'sick to fucking death'.

We are a classy group of folks.

And you know what, my darlings?  I still feel GREAT about all this.

While simultaneously knowing that chances are really really good that I will never see these people again.  And feeling pretty goddamn good about that too.

I am so fucking confused right now.


  1. you are just clearing the air. and it is good you feel good...really good.

  2. Thanks, Gale. It's a mixed bag. I abandoned the guy once already, and now I have to close the door on him again. Life can really throw some cruel twists at a person. I really hate it. but at the same time, I am so relieved.

  3. As I understand you wanted to start a conversation or dialogue, and your partner for talking was not there.
    So no conversation.


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