Monday, February 13, 2012

RedPeril explains it all for YOU

The Patriarchy:  I'm right because I can beat you up.

Juggalos: I'm really, really stupid, and I can beat you up when I'm sober

Conservatism: God wants rich people to run everything and you to let them

Liberalism: Smart people should run everything, and they're willing to let you get just smart enough to appreciate the fact that they're smarter than you so you'll let them

Hipsters: My limp taste in eyewear, music and beer is not a function of my youth, inexperience and poverty, it is ironic, interesting and quirky (and generally white)

Hippies: My isolation, malnutrition, and self-induced poverty is not trashy, it is interesting and quirky (and generally white)

Vegans: Animals are people and my eating disorder is a virtue

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